About Donald Bullers

At the time Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper Donald was newly graduated with a finance degree in his hands and feet wading through the worst financial crisis of his lifetime. Donald’s banking career began at a century-old institution, and ended within 9 months due to FDIC controlled takeover.
Landing at a digital marketing agency he spent the majority of his next 10+ years as CFO. During this period, together with his wife, they founded, operated, and sold their first startup. To be immediately followed by his introduction to crypto.
This transitional period to decentralized technologies led Donald to embark on his ongoing 5+ year career focusing wholly on Decentralized Identity. Establishing Tuum Technologies in 2020 with his Co-Founder they’re on a mission to develop self-owned identities that aid in the blending of online and physical realities to benefit all of humanity.

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